Saturday, November 2, 2013

Join Me At Michaels For An In-Store Pinterest Party!

I'm excited to announce I'm hosting a craft party and YOU'RE INVITED!  

Along with several other bloggers across the country, I'll be hosting a Pinterest Party at my local Michaels store on Sunday, November 10th from 1-4pm.  Visitors are encouraged to drop in, take a tour of Michaels new inspired-by-Pinterest displays and then come hang out in the craft classroom for some fun crafting we can do together.  You can buy some supplies or bring some of your own, whatever you want to craft it up!  It'll be a fun way for us to do some crafting together and to not just pin ideas, but really make them our own. Here's just one of the inspired projects we can work on together:

If you're in the Detroit area you can come and join me, in-person.  And if you live elsewhere, you can still join in too!  Just head over to Michaels Pinterest Party page and click on your preferred to city to get the exact Michaels location for the in-store party nearest you, hosted by another crafty blogger.  Here's my local party spot:

Come with a project in mind, get ideas from the new Pinterest-inspired displays or head over to Michaels Pinterest board to find more project inspiration.  

I'm really looking forward to meeting my fellow local craft lovers and hope to see some of you there!!

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