Friday, October 4, 2013

My Little Pony Unicorn Hats & A Return To Hat Making

Today I thought I'd share what's been keeping my sewing machine busy this Fall: fun new hats!  Last year I decided to take a break from my hat-making business, The Green Hedgehog, because I'd gotten hat burnout from the previous Halloween seasons.  Making hundreds of made to measure hats in a 60 day period, while running a blog, & homeschooling 3 kids, will do that to you!  But after the extended time away, and my kids wanting new hats for themselves, I got the desire to design again over the summer....and came up with my Pink Unicorn Hat

It's made from soft, light pink fleece and has fuzzy off white lined ears, a bright pink mane, and a dimensional swirl horn for added whimsy.  

If I've learned anything from making hats, it's whimsy = win.

My daughter couldn't wait to put it on and was frolicking around in no time.

She really digs horses, unicorns, pegasi and is a major My Little Pony fan.  And I mean MAJOR.  She got into the old school ponies from my sister's old toy stash and has since become obsessed with the current Friendship Is Magic version. She knows them all by name - even the random bit characters.  As a result, the whole family has gotten into 'em and we've all got our favorites.  Mine is Rarity, since she's the pony who sews. So of course I had to make a Rarity Unicorn Hat:

My daughter loves them both, but this one being a specific My Little Pony character means it's her favorite.  She has worn it everywhere - stores, museums, in the car....

She'd even be sleeping in it if I hadn't ruled that out.  She's serious about her pony power.

I added them to my shop in baby through adult sizes, since I know there are MLP fans of all ages out there.  I plan to do a few other pony characters, but they'll have to wait until I've got a bit more time.  At the moment I'm busy making those two, as well as most of my other popular designs:

Little Alien Master, Viking Baby Hairdo, Little Space Vader, Elf/Baby Gnome, Little Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Pint-Sized Pirate, Little Gift, Little Leprechaun 

And I've got PDF patterns in a few fan favorite styles for those that want to make their own:

By I'm limiting how many hats I'm making, this year is much more manageable.  Still busy, but this season the hats are making me smile as much as the recipients:)

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  1. These hats are all too cute to pick a favorite! Would love to see a pic of you in the sewing pony hat, though!!!!!

  2. How very cute! The 3 year old is also crazy about MLP.
    I'm stopping by from Practically functional :)

  3. The hats are adorable! Big smiles:@)

  4. Oh my gosh- these are the sweetest things I've ever seen! Pinning and sharing with my sister. I have a niece who would love these.

  5. So so so cute!!! Pinning this, and thanks so much for sharing it at my link party!

  6. This is too cute! Hmmmm Christmas present ideas!


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