Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why Re-Invent The Wheel? Sewing "If It Ain't Broke" Style.

I love designing new crafting creations.  Imagining something and creating it from scratch can be a lot of fun.  Or it can be a big pain in the ____.  You never know if it'll go beautifully as imagined or end in you cursing it and the boat load of time & frustation spent on it.  So when you have made something that works, why force it into retirement, never to make again.  Re-invent it!

If It Ain't Broke...

I used to feel like I had to try to come up with new designs every time I wanted to make something, but that's kind of silly.  It's like buying a pattern because you love it and then only using it one time because it's not new.  This is actually when things can get more fun - you've worked out any kinks and can just play.  Over time I've learned that sometimes it's ok to make several versions of one design instead of making something completely original every time.    

Today I'm sharing an example of that (as much as a reminder to myself, as a sewing thought to pass on).  Back in the fall, I shared this tutorial for my Make 'Em Fast Halloween Bags in under 20 minutes:

They took less than 20 minutes to make, were fully lined for reversibility and with a hidden layer of batting inside to be soft & durable.

A while after I made those I wanted to make a new bag as a present for a friend's daughter. I was trying to figure out a good kid-sized design and about to do some calculating & drafting and....then realized I was re-inventing the wheel.  This tutorial worked perfectly and gave a totally different look:

Same 9 inch by 12 inch size, strip section design, batting filling and machine embroidery for customization, but the new color scheme and Disney Merida print give it a new vibe.  Even using a different font & name instead of words change things up.  Both versions are technically the same, but each is their own.  

In case you're interested in making your own versions:

-  You can find my under 20 minutes bag tutorial HERE 
-  And my tutorial on doing machine embroidery HERE

Do you have any projects you've done multiple times or patterns that you love reusing? Share them in the comments!


  1. very nice bags end good tutorial!
    Thanks for sharing!
    have a nice day!

  2. Love these bags. Looking forward to some time to try making a few myself1


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