Friday, April 5, 2013

I Want Your Feedback: New Ideas Are Brewing....

I've been thinking a lot about what I like to read on craft blogs and what I want for Sew Can Do these days.  I really enjoy seeing unique projects, tutorials for little known techniques & discovering crafty things that are new to me.  If you're a regular reader here you probably do too.

I've noticed a lot of craft blogs have started looking kind of the same lately and while following trends can be fun, isn't crafting supposed to be about being creative and doing your own thing?  I also miss some of the personal contact since Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter make things a bit more anonymous.  Don't get me wrong, I love knowing that a thousand people saw a post thanks to social media, but it's not quite the same as getting comments from real people.  Getting a chance to talk to them and discover their blogs & creativity is what makes blogging fun (and less like work).

So I'm thinking about adding a few new features to keep things fresh & different and would really like to hear if these are things you'd like to see:

Craft Book Corner: My craft library is full of all sorts of books I've collected over the past few years.  Some teach particular techniques, some have themed projects, others have solid reference info.   I thought I'd share some of these books and what makes them worth getting to know, or in a few cases, why they should be left on the store shelf.  Some of my favorites were used book finds, discovered by chance, so there are some real hidden treasures!

I Can Do Decor:  I love home decorating projects, but even most "simple" DIY ideas I see don't seem to be for those of us with really limited time & skills and pocket change budgets (aka Real People).   Those without a contractor in the family or an on-call babysitter.  Several days of solid work, lots of supply shopping or a room being out of commission for more than 24hrs, aren't real options for me.  I homeschool 3 kids - just cleaning my house is a major ordeal!  So I've been doing some easy, quick & durable projects that can be done with minimal skills and still hold up to normal life.  I'm thinking about opening this up to some guest posters too for even more "Can Do Decor" idea sharing.    

Knock It Off Feature: How many times have you seen something for sale and thought "I could make that"?  I say it all the time, but I don't actually do it very often.  So instead of just talking about it, how about finally making those store-inspired items?  I'm considering turning this feature into a monthly party so others can share their great knock-off creations and it'll give me a kick in the pants to make the stuff instead of forgetting about it.

Do any or all of these ideas strike your fancy?  I think they'd be a lot of fun, but I want to see if you'd be into them too.  

My usual link party, giveaways & assortment of tutorials won't be getting replaced, in case that's a concern.  This is just more stuff to add to the ol' crafting arsenal.  I'd love to hear some feedback on what you'd be interested in seeing or participating in.  Let me know in the comments!


  1. These all seem like great ideas! Especially loving the can do decor. I'll be moving in a couple of months so sprucing up cheap furniture will be on the to-do list :)

  2. These do sound like good ideas. I like the Knock It Off Feature because, like you said, it will motivate me to actually do it!

  3. Love all of the ideas... especially the Knock It Off feature.

  4. These all sound like great ideas! I too really like the Knock It Off idea.

  5. I dont have too many books, but i do enjoy seeing diy decor and the knock it off features!

    Now, what about a feature party just for upcycling?! HAHA that's solely for me i guess since i do alot of upcycling lol

  6. Absolutely great ideas. I like the Knock It Off best of all :)

  7. I enjoy your blog and like all these ideas.....keep up the good work!!

  8. Love all the ideas Craft Book Ideas since our library only carries French books. Knowing the names of a few good English craft books would be great! Looking forward to all your ideas.

  9. Here is what I have been up to. I did an internet search for Hemming tee shirts" and discovered your blog entry on that topic. So, I bought the Janome HD 1000 because you used one for that pirpose. I just made my first nice tee shirt hem EVER. So happy! Now I need some other things to do with my machine. I have no clue where I want to take this new hobby. Normally I am a yarn girl or paper crafts girl. I guess I will have to dig around your old posts for inspiration.

  10. Thanks, Cheryl, for another great party for us to join! Linda


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