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My En Vogue Travel Set Tutorial

Remember how traveling used to be considered a glamorous thing? Garments were carried in fabulous coordinated sets and fancy luggage accessories gave one's things the VIP treatment on-the-go.  Now you can have that kind of chic again with a coordinating garment bag, lovely lined zip-up tote, drawstring shoe bag.  Carry your favorite clothing and accessories with my En Vogue Travel Set!  I created this project especially for the En Vogue fabric collection from Timeless Treasures and recently shared it as a special guest feature over at their blog.  Now it's time to share it here!

Total Fabric Needed for 3 piece set:
1 1/2 yds Paris-C9406-Linen
7/8 yds Paris-C9411-Red
1/4 yd Paris-C9411-Charcoal
1/3 yd Paris-C9407-Linen
1/3 yd Paris-C9409-Ecru

These En Vogue fabrics really give things a classy, continental look and the French major in me just loved "le style français":)

How to Make The Drawstring Shoe Bag:
You'll Need...
- Paris-C9411-Red
- Paris-C9411-Charcoal
- Sewing Notions: shears/rotary cutter, pinking shears, disappearing marker/tailor's chalk, iron & ironing board, safety pin/bodkin, thread)

Assembling the Drawstring Shoe Bag:
Cut a rectangle from the Paris-C9411-Red that is 13 inches wide by 31 inches long.  Cut a strip from the Paris-C9411-Charcoal, on the bias, that is 2 inches wide by 21 inches long.
Step 1 - Fold the strip inward .5 inch on either side and press, then fold in half again
Step 2 - Press and stitch along the open edge.
Step 3 - Take the Paris-C9411-Red and fold in half lengthwise, with right sides facing, and stitch the sides together, leaving a 1 inch gap on one side about 1.5 inches from the top edge. Trim raw edges with pinking shears to avoid fraying and then press seams open.

The casing & corners
Step 4 - Fold over the top, raw edge of the sack .25 inch towards the wrong side of the fabric and press.
Step 5 - Fold over top again, but this time by 1 inch, press fold and then stitch in place along the edge.
Step 6 - To square off the corners and give the bag depth, open at bottom so that side seam as at the center and the bag corner comes out to a point.  Measure a line 1.5 inches down from the point and make a line across as shown.  Stitch along line and then trim off corners.  Using a safety pin or bodkin, snake the tape through the casing.

Finishing Up
To make the drawstring pull, cut a piece of Paris-C9411-Red that is 3.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches long.
Step 7 - Fold fabric width-wise, with right sides facing, and stitch with a .25 inch seam allowance. Turn right side out and press so that the seam is in the center.
Step 8 - Fold fabric again, seam side out, matching up raw ends.  Stitch ends together with a .25 inch seam.
Step 9 - Turn pull right side out and slip the drawstring ends through it.  Stitch along the center to create the two sides.  Then take the loose ends of the drawstring and stitch together. This will keep the pull attached and keep the drawstring from ever slipping out of the bag.

How To Make The Zip Top Tote:

You'll Need...
- 9 inch zipper
- A pair of 10 inch wide by 12 inch long rectangles from both Paris-C9407-Linen and Paris-C9409-Ecru
- 1/4 yd of Pellon Décor Bond™(firm, fusible stabilizer)
- Sewing Notions: zipper foot, shears/rotary cutter, disappearing marker/tailor's chalk, iron & ironing board, hand sewing needle, thread)

Assembling the Zip Top Tote:
Start by fusing stabilizer to the wrong sides of the outer fabric with iron (this will give the tote a sturdy, firm shape).
Step 1 - Place the zipper face down over the top edge of one of the outer fabrics as shown and stitch together, using a zipper foot.
Step 2 - Place a lining piece over the top, face down, and stitch over the original stitching.
Step 3 - Fold fabrics back out of the way and repeat with the other side of the zipper and remaining fabric.  Open zipper half way.

Sides & Corners:
Step 4 - Open up bag sides and press fabric flat near zipper.
Step - With right sides of fabrics facing each other (lining to lining and outer to outer), sew together in a rectangular shape, leaving a 2 inch gap at the bottom of the inner fabric rectangle (for turning right side out).
Step 6 - To square off the corners and give the bag depth, open at bottom so that side seam as at the center and the bag corner comes out to a point.  Measure a line 2 inches down from the point and make a line across as shown on each of the 4 corners.  Stitch along line and then trim off corners. 
Step 7 - Reach through the opening in the lining and pull bag right side out.  Hand stitch opening closed with a slip stitch.  Push lining inside the outer of the bag. 

How To Make The Garment Bag:
You'll Need...

- Paris-C9406-Linen
- A strip, cut on the bias, 2 inch wide by 10.5 inches long, from Paris-C9411-Charcoal
- 23 inch zipper
- Sewing Notions: hanger, shears/rotary cutter, disappearing marker/tailor's chalk, iron & ironing board, thread)

Assembling the Garment Bag:
Step 1 - Fold fabric with right sides facing, selvage ends together.  Trim off selvage, then pin and baste a .5 inch seam allowance and press seam open.
Step 2 - Open fabric so that the seam is now in the center.  Take a hanger and place along the top, with the neck of the hanger being about 1 inch below the edge of the fabric.  Measure 1 inch over from hanger on either side and, using chalk or marker and ruler, mark a vertical line 1 inch long.  Mark 4 inches from the fold on either side and draw lines with ruler about 1 inch above the angled portions of hanger.  Cut along lines to angle the top of the bag.
Step 3 - Fold the strip inward .5 inch on either side and press, then fold in half again and repress.  Cut into 3 pieces: (2) 3 inch pieces and (1) 4.5 inch piece.
Step 4 - Place folded tape over the neck opening edges: the smaller pieces on either side of the front, the larger along the back and topstitch close to the open edge.

Attaching the Zipper:
Step 5 - Measure x inches down from neckhole and stitch from there to the bottom of the bag (over the basting).  Repress seam open.
Step 6 - Lay zipper over seam, facing down, so that the center of the zipper is directly over the center of the seam and pin together.  Be careful not to accidentally pin the back side of the garment bag as well.
Step 7 - Using a zipper foot, carefully sew zipper to fabric on either side, crossing over at the bottom.  Again be sure to keep bag open so that the back is not stitched.  Use a seam ripper to remove the basting stitching from the seam.
Step 8 - Sew along the angled shoulder section at top and along the bottom of the bag with a .5 inch seam allowance.

C'est très chic, non?  Now you are ready to travel in style! Bon voyage!!

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  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I love this set!The fabric is fabulous! Thanks for sharing tutorial.
    Hope you have an amazing week!

    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

  2. Love how everything came out! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  3. I absolutely love this travel set. It would make a great Christmas present!

  4. I love the fabrics you chose! Nice job!

  5. I'm utterly in love with the fabric! And the tutorial, too, of course. :)

    Thanks for featuring my kimono top from last week! :)

  6. Thank you for such a fantastic tutorial, I love the fabric you used too.

  7. Thanks for hosting!! <3
    xo sarah

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    I know that you already saw that you were featured, but I wanted to come by and let you know anyway. I have been out of town, and this is the first chance that I got to send you a message. Thank you so much for linking every week at Adorned From Above, and I love your travel set. Congratulations for being one of the posts with the most page views.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  9. This is a beautiful set and a great idea! Thanks for sharing :-) Wish I would have seen this sooner to make DIY xmas gifts!

    1. Thanks so much. They are pretty quick to make, so you still have some time!

  10. I love these! So pretty! Time to put these on the gift list this year.


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