Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Winner - Pellon Embroidery Stabilizer Giveaway

Since the original winner of the Pellon Embroidery Stabilizer Giveaway didn't provide any contact info or respond to my announcement last wek I've had to redraw another random winner.  Remember to provide your email in your entries or have it on your profile when entering giveaways so this doesn't happen to you!  The new winner is:

Congratulations Hibiscus House!  You've won $90 worth of Pellon's new packaged embroidery products.  I'll be contacting you via email on fulfilling your prize.  Thanks to Pellon for providing this terrific prize.

Another fantastic, crafty giveaway is coming soon!!


  1. I am thrilled!!!! Thanks so much!!
    Hibiscus House

  2. email address in case it does not show up or work is


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