Thursday, September 9, 2010

Murder, She Wrote - The Birthday Mystery

Ok, time for a totally random craft post.  Two days before my sister's birthday I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a great gift, when this idea hit me.  She's a huge Murder, She Wrote fan - as in has all 50 billion seasons on dvd, the books, the board game (yeah, I didn't know that even existed either), etc.  But there was no time or extra cash to stalk eBay for crazy fan items.  So once again, my dynamic duo, Cricut & Sure Cuts A Lot, came through for the awesomest & easiest gift idea.

I did a search for the show font and downloaded it for free (FYI - it's called the Lansbury).  I got a photo box from Michaels and typed up her name, the words above and a heart in the SCAL software & cut 'em out with the Cricut.  I laid them out so that it would look just like the brown book in the opening credits of the show and used Mod Podge on the backs to stick them on.  PRESTO! A personalized, super fan's dream and done in less than an hour.

Most well known tv shows, video games, bands & movies have free fonts available out there in cyberspace, so it's worth the 5 minutes to look around for them.  Keep in mind, this sort of thing is for fun, personal use only - if you try to make stuff to sell using a branded font, you can be opening yourself up to a world of copyright infringement & lawsuits.  Not a wise idea.  But free gift-wise, it's ok, so let your creativity run wild with them. Both adults & kids love getting one-of-a-kid fan stuff as presents.  A good source for themes is  They've got all kinds of fabulous ones.

I've been able to work birthday magic using the Star Wars & Xena fonts as well and let me tell you no matter what you make with it, it's always a hit with the recipient, because it's something even a mega fan has never seen before.  The next challenge is my sister's boyfriend's birthday.  He's got a Back To The Future theme going, so come back for a future post on that (sorry for the pun, just couldn't help myself).  Hehe.

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  1. That's certainly a good idea. Very resourceful too.

  2. That's brilliant! Can't wait to see what you do for Back to the Future!

    Where do you find fonts Cheryl, is there a site which specialises in fonts from film/tv etc?

  3. That is just wicked cool. Personalized gifts beat pretty much anything you can buy in a store.

    Thanks for the link, I will be checking fonts now.

  4. Very cute. (I love that show! Angela was my idol!)

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Feature! So kind of you :)
    Puting your button on my Featured page :)
    Have a great week end and i like this idea!

  6. You have a great blog!! I am really enjoying looking around. Thanks for sharing!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ BTW I found you on a blog hop!

  7. I bet your sister loved it! I like how made it look like the book on the show and used their font. That's such a great thing about Sure Cuts A Lot, being able to use fonts you find online. I have the Disney font and it was great for personalizing a mini book I gave to my friend. I haven't gotten SCAL yet but I plan too. I have a huge font collection and I can't wait to use them all! Thank you for joining us at A Crafty Soiree! I hope to see you next week too!

  8. I love it! What a great idea. I used to watch that show with my Grandma. :)

  9. Lovely. I just happen to have the board game as well. It was my favorite show when I was 5 years old, guess I was an odd child.


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