Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Craft Cheat Tutorial: Easiest Wall Art EVER!

Now this is a project for even the non-crafter.  Easy, cheap & fast for wall art that works.  I had this space in my dining room that needed something added to it for years.

Problem was I couldn't find something that:

1. Was the kind of colors/style I wanted
2. The right size (my space needed something several feet wide, but not too tall)
3. Reasonable price (wall art this big is $$ even for the cheapest stuff)

I'm not a painter & have ZERO drawing skills, so I didn't want to mess up a canvas attempting either one.   I decided to go the "cheater" route instead.  I used a cheap blank canvas, some scrapbook paper I had & poster putty to make my ideal wall art that is also completely reusable so you can pull it all off and make something else whenever the mood strikes.  Total project cost about $10, which is way less than buying something I may end up hating, but would be stuck with keeping because of the price.

Here's how:

- Scrapbook paper in complimentary colors/prints
- Poster putty
- Blank canvas
- Scissors/Cricut (optional)
- Craft paint (optional)

I needed something pretty big, 24" x 36", so full sheets of paper were a perfect fit, but you could always cut them down to make any size desired.  I laid out the papers until I liked the layout and then used little bits of the poster putty around the edges of each piece to attach them to the canvas.

Then I used my Cricut to cut out a giant fleur de lis and attached that on top with more putty.  If you don't have a cutting machine, tracing a shape you like and cutting with scissors or buying a pre-cut shape are easy alternatives.

I didn't want the side edges of the canvas to be glaring white, so I used some leftover acrylic craft paint to paint them a soft green, but that's just personal preference.

Using Mod Podge or some other adhesive would make this more permanent, but I like having the option of being able to take all the paper off to reuse for something else and then swap in whatever other ones I feel like whenever I want.

This room isn't the easiest to photograph, so the pictures don't do it justice.  It looks nicer in person.  I'm pretty pleased with the results though and if I change my mind, no big deal.  If only everything else was this easy...

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  1. I absolutely love this idea! Luckily I happened upon it just as I am finishing up a living room re-do so I will be making one of these myself! Thanks so much for sharing this idea~ P.S. I love the dining room furniture, too!

  2. Cheryl...It looks fabulous! What a great idea! I'll be looking at scrapbook paper when I go to the craft store. Thanks for sharing.

  3. hi cheryl:))....
    I come form Europe, and i realy like the idea of you having a link party...... I hope I'll meet a lot of new blogers........
    I realy like your blog.......
    You can check out my blog at

    greeting from croatia:))

  4. It looks great! It is so nice to personalize the colors to your decor! Nice work.

  5. The paper in the top left corner is my favorite. And may I say I can have those china cabinets picked up the moment you want to throw them away. :)

  6. Fabulous idea! I have been thinking of how to make my own art without having to paint/draw -- neither of which I am very good doing.
    PS: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cricut! It's definitely one of the best purchases I have made for crafting!

  7. That looks great! Thanks for the tutorial!

  8. Super easy and lots of impact- I love it! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  9. I absolutely love this!!! It looks beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  10. GREAT! Love it! :)

    Visiting from It's so Very Cheri!

  11. It came out very nice. Looks very good on the wall.

  12. that fill's up the space really nicely! and are very pretty colors! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's.

  13. that's a cool (and clever) idea, Cheryl! like the versatility of this project, the ability to switch out the papers for a completely different look! it has the warmth of a wall quilt but SO much quicker to make!!!

  14. That is so pretty. I want to make one myself. I have the Cricut on my wish list. lol

    Katharine @ Kat's AlmostPurrfect World

  15. I think its marvelous! Its often hard to find that 'perfect piece' you can imagine in your mind, and this is a wonderful way of creating it easily and at a crazy reasonable price.

  16. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Visiting from The Girl Creative's link party.

  17. Your link title caught my eye immediately! I like EASY and you are so right. Good idea to use a size that fits 12X12 without cutting. I have a big space to fill too and you are right about the $$$ to fill it! Thanks for sharing with us at A Crafty Soiree! Please join us next time too!

  18. It look really great with very simple idea.


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