Saturday, August 14, 2010

CROQzine Needs Your Help

Have you heard of the awesome craft magazine CROQzine?  This magazine is all about indie business, hip crafts & blogging (everything I love!!).   It's been a little while since it's been in print, but it's trying to come back (yay!).  It just needs a little help to get the latest issue, #12, printed.  So, if craft loving supporters like us pledge before Friday, August 20, they'll make the printing goal and the magazine will be back in action!

You pledge what you can - even just $1 - every little bit helps!  And the best part is by pledging you get great stuff in return!  $1 pledge gets a pdf mini magazine, a $5 pledge gets a printed issue #12 and bigger pledges get the magazine plus goodies like lip balm, crafting supplies, advertising & more.  Click HERE to find out more information & to get your pledge on!  Let's help keep independent crafting alive!!


  1. Thank you so much for the feature!! I really appreciate it :-] Have a great day XO!


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