Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Ideas & Thank You, Thank You!

In better late than never news, thank you for all the sweet comments on my new craft room.  I'm glad it was a hit with more than just me!  It has made it so much nicer to work on my projects, I still can't believe it took me so long to make it a reality.  I also wanted to give a big thank you to Leanne at Organize & Decorate Everything for these gorgeous organizing supplies that are a perfect fit in that room.   I linked up my craft room post to her We're Organized Wednesday party and as a result won her giveaway for these goodies.  How cool is that?!  While I'm pretty good at keeping my crafting gear organized, I definitely have a "contained clutter" motif everywhere else in my house.  Sure it looks fairly tidy, but God help you if you open a drawer or look in a cupboard.  Don't even get me started on the garbage dump I call a basement either.   Being at home with 3 kids all day, nearly everyday means it's an uphill battle against the avalanche of stuff that gets dragged out regularly.  I definitely need the ideas & encouragement of Leanne's blog to keep me trying to get neat & tidy!

And since I'm admitting that, it's full truth time everybody.  I've literally got half a dozen random projects in various states at the moment & I hate that.  And that's because I want to work on them sooooo bad, but there's just too much else that needs doing.  It's a real juggle finding enough time to teach school, the necessary home, yard & family stuff, let alone come up with kickin' craft ideas, make 'em, photograph 'em, blog about 'em & check out all your crafty blogs (I'm worn out just looking at that sentence!). 

So, I'm going to try something new here at Sew Can Do and have some themed weeks where we can all pool our resources.  What I'm thinking is I'll show a new type of project or crafting medium I've been checking out (specialty fabrics, unusual products/techniques, crafty tools, papercrafting, candymaking/baking, etc.) and we'll chat about it instead of me just talking at you.  Maybe feature/guest post with some of you who have experience in that particular area.  Instead of standard comments, we can also use that space to share experiences, tips, tricks, project ideas for said topic together so it's fun & valuable for everyone (Now just to clarify, I really love hearing nice compliments on my stuff, so don't think I'm saying to stop that -  but it's not really as beneficial for everyone else, you know?).  Make it a sort of enhanced version of comments, if you will.  Maybe also do some specialized link parties so you can show off what you've done with those themes. What do you think?  I'm excited about the idea, but hope I'm not just talking crazy.  I'm putting together my list of themes and welcome any topics or suggestions on what you'd like to see.  Then when I've got things organized I'll roll out the topics.  Are you in?   


  1. I love the idea of themed weeks and lots of advice from fellow bloggers. Count me in! My only concern is that it will add too many projects to my already massive list of things to do! I wrote out a list last night of all the projects I want to complete before Number 2 arrives in October, and freaked out! Better to be busy than being bored!

  2. Hey,
    That sounds like a great idea! If you need any input about fabric or sewing stuff, please count me in, I could work up a guest post. Well, hope you'll visit my blog to see what I'm talking about. I do love the idea of theme weeks too.


  3. I am all for themed weeks! Somehow working around themes always brings out the inspiration in me. Candy making and baking sounds great, I love to make my own pralines and stuff. (I have such a sweet tooth ;))
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  4. Stopping by from new friend friday! (athough you know I've already discovered your great blog- Mandy, - - oh, I'm having a sewing party if you want another project!

  5. IM IN!!


  6. I love the idea. It's all about sharing, right! Thanks for mentioning me and my blog. I'm happy you like the organizing products. I think they were a perfect fit for you. Love your blog!

  7. Love your craft with envy :) Following you from FF! Find me at

  8. Love the blog. We are your newest followers from FF!!! So happy to have found you. We'll be back and hope to have you come by our place:

    Here's to a GREAT weekend!

  9. Sounds good! Sounds like something unique that's not already out there and the theme might force us all to get out that uncompleted project we all have.

  10. I am here from FF. I really enjoyed your blog. I am now following you. Blessings.

  11. Great blog! Stopping by from Friday Follow!!
    Jennifer @ The Craft Barn


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