Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nifty Knitting

Just had to share this adorable little knit hat Serena received as a gift this week from my aunt. Looks very cute when she's snuggled in with her big brother. If only I had the patience to knit - it's the one craft I'm just not ready to tackle. My aunt sews, quilts, knits, felts and does jewelry. Now that's crafty!! I love the colors in this cap and its nice & stretchy to fit for a long time. Baby is growing fast - 5 weeks old today and starting to outgrow some clothes (sniff, sniff). On the plus side, it's a legit excuse to make more stuff, so it's not all bad..hehe;)


  1. you could always try one of these to build up your knitting patience
    honestly they only take 30 minutes and while most people don't need hats for their bottles I've found they're a perfect size for egg cosy's.

  2. ps. or use really big needles and yarn. I made a jumper last year which was just 42 stitches - took more time to sew up than it did to knit it!


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