Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newest Project Came Out Great: Our New Baby!

I've gotten a bit behind with my blog reading & writing since last week, but with a good reason: our baby girl arrived on Sunday, August 30th! Introducing Serena Emmeline, our little flower fairy, and the reason for all my crafty baby projects over the past year. We are all happy & healthy (and tired!), but once things settle down I'm looking forward to being able to showing my projects on this real little person and post some of the things I've been working on for the proud big brothers:)


  1. Awww... she's adorable! Congratulations! :)

  2. I've held my breath opening each of your posts over the last few weeks in anticipation of a baby post. Hooray that today's the day - c*o*n*g*r*a*t*u*l*a*t*i*o*n*s to you all and enjoy getting to know each other. with love, Nic x


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