Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All Lovey Dovey

I cannot believe it's already been over a week since our sweet little girl was born. The days have just flown by in a haze as we've fallen in love with her & been adjusting to being a family of 5.

I've been enjoying dressing her up in all the goodies I've been making these past months. Since she was just 6lbs, 6oz, we're kind of in-between the factory-made preemie/newborn and 0-3mos sizes. For the most part the items I made have fit great & have room for growth - especially the gowns, lap dresses and diapers. I made these a while back, but never got around to posting them before:

This two-piece is a pattern from Ottobre Design which is super easy to make. I added some green fabric as trim to the top & a colorful grosgrain ribbon as the tie to make the design a little livelier. I used my fave bamboo/organic cotton velour fabric so it is uber-soft.

Here's my revamped Moses basket in action with Serena modeling my swaddler wrap & matching cap. I love making these wraps and they are practically an outfit themselves.

I've had a really quick & easy recovery this time around & all 3 kids gave me a few hours breathing room today, so I got in a little sewing time with an old fave pattern & some great new fabric I bought just before baby's arrival. It feels so good to be back to my old self (just a bit shorter on sleep) & back in the sewing saddle. It really is my favorite way to relax. Looking forward to sharing my first post-natal creations!


  1. such a cutie, glad your recovery is going well! Can't wait to see what you have made!

  2. Cheryl you really are bionic woman! Hope you're still enjoying your garden too x

  3. Congrats on your precious little bundle. She's beautiful!! Hi from SITS. : )


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