Monday, June 1, 2009

Cute Booty For Baby

This little number is among my new favorites for several reasons: the adorable bird fabric is actually organic knit, as is the yellow trim and I got over my fear & tried out overlock stitching. Not having a serger, I've always shied away from anything with a raw edge, but decided it was time to figure out an alternative. My dependable little Brother machine has several overlock stitches, so I went for it on the neckline and am pretty pleased with the results. It did mean stitching SUPER slow to make sure everything stayed even though, so the impatient side of me wasn't thrilled at the time it took.

I made this set by mixing my standard lap-shoulder layette pattern with the cute ruffle butt bloomers found on the cover of Sweet Booties. I have a couple of words of advice on the blooomers.

On the cover they look very similar to this, but in the instructions they want you to make a droopy looking leg ruffle that I just did not like, so I had to side-step a lot of the directions. They also gave no alternatives if you didn't have a serger, so I had to fold the strips before gathering the ruffles since the overlocking didn't cooperate too well on the strips. I also thought it wasn't very smart of them to suggest you stitch up the entire bloomer and THEN try to sew in the ruffles. Why make life harder than it has to be? I attached them before stitching the sides together and it made it a lot easier to keep them straight and easy to flow through the machine. The cuteness factor made doing this worth it, as did the experience gained, so I consider it a win, despite the time involved figuring it all out.


  1. Ooh good tip on the ruffle! Nice to know!

    I absolutely LOVE this -- that fabric is just so precious!!! Where did you find it? (or did I not read carefully enough?) and what is Sweet Booties? I've never heard of that pattern/book?

  2. Thanks:) The fabric maker is Baby Lulu (who makes clothing but also makes their fabric available by the yard). I wish they had more organic fabrics though - this print was such a great find!

    Sweet Booties (by Valerie Van Arsdale Shraderis) one of my new favorites - super cute ideas and the pictures are sooo pretty to look at. Several of my more recent posts are items made from that book. You can get it on Amazon, but I found it at Barnes & Noble. I highly recommend it!


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