Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Baby! Possible Baby's First Outfit

I haven't felt very inspired to make too much stuff the since the holidays, but am glad I have a good reason - a new baby on the way:) Now that I'm getting over the always tired phase, I'm finally in the mood to make stuff again. Baby's gender is still unknown, so I went neutral with the print. I LOVED that it literally cost $5.00 for the entire ensemble between the on-sale fabric and materials I had on hand.

This pattern was great because it gives sizes preemie-12mos and 8 different items with variations, so there are loads of things to make. The gown is lap-shouldered and I modified the bottom to be elasticized instead of a drawstring. I also made the diaper cover PUL lined and added crossover tabs, so it would be functional for the few fitted diapers I've got. I'd been disappointed by the covers I'd seen available. It seemed pointless to buy newborn size covers, but none of the "one-size" covers would fit a baby those first few weeks when you need them most. Making my own was a little work, but well worth the price and being able to use my favorite print fabrics. More to come!


  1. darling! and your work looks so professional for a newbie :-)

  2. You diaper looks great! I'm attempting to make diapers for the first time this month, and I'm a little nervous! :-)

  3. Thanks so much!! Most of the time I have good luck with things turning out.

    I was so worried the first time I made a diaper - I made my own pattern so it was trickier than this was, but going slow and not using pins makes a big difference no matter what!

  4. Wondering where you found the pattern for this set? I would LOVE to make some for my little girl too :)

    1. The pattern was McCalls 6103. Great for making a full layette!


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