Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lil Reindeer Antlers Hair Clip Tutorial

Today I've got another holiday wearable tutorial.  This one is so fun & festive, you can't help but feel merry seeing them: my Lil Reindeer Antlers Hair Clips!

These are inexpensive to make and a great way to dress up any outfit this season.

And make for some terrific holiday photos:

They use basic craft supplies, so they're very simple to add to your holiday to-make list!

- Brown & green felt
- Polyfil
- 3/8 inch wide grosgrain ribbon
- Round red beads
- Jingle bells
- Hair Clips
- Hot glue/E6000 glue
- Notions: Sewing machine, paper, marking pen, hand sewing needle, knitting needle or pencil, scissors

Start by drawing an antler shape on a piece of paper, about 4 inches high and cut out.  Cut out two pairs of 4in x 4in squares from the brown felt and trace the antler shape onto the top of each pair.

Stitch along the outline of each antler stack, leaving the bottom open.

Cut antlers out close to stitching and stuff with some polyfil, using a knitting needle or pencil to gently fill all the nooks and crannies.  Fold the raw edges of the openings inward.

Cut out some small holly leaves from the green.  I just freehanded those - they don't have to be perfect!

I dabbed a bit of hot glue to attach the leaves to the base of each antler and then stitched the beads and bells onto them by hand.  You could glue them, but I wanted to be sure they wouldn't fall off, so stitching was added security.

Cut a 4 1/4 inch piece of ribbon for each hair clip.   To wrap the clip, put a line of glue along an inch and open the clip and stick it to the underside of the clip's top half:

Then add some glue to the top, end and around the base to wrap the ribbon all the way around. 

Now that the clips are wrapped, dab a generous amount of E6000 glue onto the base of each antler and attach them to the clips.  This glue is super strong, so it'll support the weight of the antlers better than hot glue.  You'll want to make sure the clips face each other so the antlers mirror each other.  You don't want two facing the same way - that makes for wonky reindeer;)

I let them dry upside down and then they were ready to wear:

I made this festive shirt to go with them, since I'm on my machine embroidery kick for the holidays.  My kids love the movie "Elf", so this seemed the perfect fit to go with our new antlers:

Happy Crafty Christmas!  

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Festive & Fun: The Craftastic Monday Link Party

We're in full swing of the holiday season now that December is here.  Share all your creative projects, festive or otherwise, in an all new Craftastic Link Party below.

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Last week I shared my festive 3-D Ribbon Christmas Tree Hair Clip Tutorial:

I also kicked off my Holiday Fabric Bundle Giveaway, where one lucky winner will get all these cute Timeless Treasures prints.  the giveaway ends this Friday, so get those entries in!

Now let's see some Craftastic Picks..

Sparkle Living shared how to create these amazing poinsettias out of clay:

Sadie Seasongoods turned some old tennis rackets into cute oversizes cross stitch decorations:

Busy Being Jennifer had this cute DIY Christmas sock snowman tutorial:

Vikalpah showed how create shaker holiday cards.  It's like a snow globe in a card!

Happier Than A Pig In Mud made these fun little Christmas tree deviled eggs:

Frugal Foodie Mama got me with two of my favorite things in one recipe: buffalo fried okra.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Timeless Treasures Holiday Fat Quarter Fabric Giveaway

Let's start this December weekend with a fabric giveaway to celebrate the holiday season!

I'm giving away this gorgeous stack of 
holiday fat quarters:

This is 8 awesome fat quarters full of sweet seasonal goodness from Timeless Treasures.  

Use 'em for projects this year, get a jump start for 2017 or give 'em as a gift to a fellow fabric fanatic (or just add them to your eye candy fabric stash).  I'm keeping this giveaway brief so I can get this prize out with enough sewing time before the holidays.  Can you see the sewing possibilities with these?!?  There are penguins, gingerbread men, foxes, Santas, elves AND reindeer!

Holiday Fat Quarter Fabric Giveaway

Good Luck Everyone!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tutorial Time: 3-D Ribbon Christmas Tree Hair Clips

Now that December is here, I'm ready to celebrate the holiday season with a month of fun & festive projects.  Today I'm kicking it off with this little tutorial: Ribbon Christmas Tree Hair Clips.

Using just a few basic supplies, you can create this cute ribbon tree that is an adorable addition for hairstyles or can be glued to a brooch pin instead to become a wearable piece of jewelry.

I'd seen pics of these around for sale, but couldn't find any actual tutorials, so I decided to figure it out on my own & share how I made them.

- Spool of each: red and green 3/8inch wide grosgrain ribbon
- 3/8 inch wide brown grosgrain ribbon (9 inches=2 clips)
- Plastic star beads
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Hair clips
- Optional: lighter for sealing cut ribbon edges

I started by cutting ten 2 1/2 inch strips from my red and my green ribbons for each tree.  I ran a lighter along the cut edges of each strip to prevent fraying.  I chose a green ribbon with dots to give the looks of tiny ornaments for my trees:

I started by putting a dab of glue onto the back side of either end of my green ribbon strips and attaching a red strip.  Then I made a little loop and glued those ends together.  I repeated for all the strip pairs.

Next I layered a few loops at the tops, on a slight angle, and glued them together, 4 in one bunch, 3 in the next, then 2, leaving 1 loop alone:

Then I glued the layers together to create my little trees:

I had these little plastic stars in my bead stash that were the perfect size for the tree toppers, but unfortunately they were clear:

so I grabbed some silver acrylic paint I had knocking about and gave them a little makeover and when they were dry I glued them to the tops of my trees.

For the clips, I cut a piece of brown grosgrain 4 1/2 inches long, sealed the ends.  To wrap the clip, I put a line of glue along an inch and opened the clip and stuck it to the underside of the clip's top half (I missed taking a pic of this bit, so this is a substitute of how to get started that used some red ribbon):

Then I added some glue to the top, end and around the base to wrap the ribbon all the way around. 

The brown gives the perfect tree trunk base:

Then I added some glue to the top of the clip and attached the ribbon tree:

And these sweet trees were ready to wear!  Fun to make & a thrifty holiday accessory too:)

I've got more ribbon-related hair goodies coming up this month, 
so stay tuned!


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