Friday, March 8, 2019

Brightech LED Magnifier Lamp Giveaway!

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Last year I tried out an LED magnifier lamp to see if it was something helpful in the craft room.  The answer was a resounding HECK YES, how did I live without this thing!?!  

Today, I'm happy to be partnering with Brightech to give away one of these awesome lamps to a Sew Can Do reader!

What's so great about the Brightech LightView Flex LED lamp?  I've created a rundown of all the features:

✔️ Brightness: It kicks out some serious brightness even though it's pretty small.  I've literally used it all over my house - the craft room, the basement, dining room table, it works everywhere I need it.

✔️ Convertible: You can use it anywhere.  It's got a nice weighted base that makes it desktop ready, but you can easily swap that out and attach the included clamp option to clip it onto other surfaces like this:

✔️ Perfect magnification:  It gets 1.75x magnification so you can see the details, but not make you cross-eyed when you look up or when wearing regular glasses.  

✔️Bendable neck.  This is SO fantastic.  You can adjust it like crazy to get it exactly where you need a little more light or a closer view.  The base is also a handy place to put a pincushion or a hot drink without worrying about knocking it over:

✔️ Doesn't heat up: no accidental burns when you get to close (or when the kids are running around).

So what are you waiting for?  Here's a chance to win one of these fantastic Brightech LightView Flex LED lamp 
for your craft space:

Sew Can Do + Brightech Giveaway


  1. This looks amazing, it would be so good for embroidery and cross stitch and quilting!

  2. Just what I need since I can no longer thread my needle without a magnifying glass!


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