Friday, April 13, 2018

The FREE Fabric Friday De-Stash Is Back!

Hello fabric lovers!  It's time for a new installment of Free Fabric Friday.  With minimal sleep and no free time thanks to my newborn, plus 3 other kids homeschooling, I've barely got time to shower and eat, so actually finding time to sew and craft is laughable these days.  So instead of going silent here on the blog, I figure why not do a fun freebie to keep things interesting (and something I can quickly type up with one hand and a napping baby on the other arm)?  De-stashing for me = FREE fabric for others.  C'mon and give some lovely fabric a good new home!

This is the chance to build up your stash, score some hard to find prints and sew new things without the usual price tag.  I started it last year as a way to share fabric love with my readers and now I'm doing it again for 2018.

What's Up For Grabs Today? 

A multi-yard cut of this fun geometric floral print:

2 continuous yards of this versatile design that features teal, lime green, purple, white and black:

It's a great print for all sorts of projects.  There's lots of options with so much yardage too.  

Here's a rulered pic to give an idea for scale:

This fabric would be great to use with my FREE Off To Market handbag pattern:

How Does FFF (Free Fabric Friday) Work?    

- Special Fridays (as time permits), I offer up some free fabric from my personal stash, starting in the morning.

- If you're interested in a chance to get it for free, enter on the Rafflecopter.  

- I'll leave things open all weekend to give everyone plenty of time to discover what's being offered.  At the end of the following Monday (after reminding everyone what's up for grabs at the Craftastic Link Party), I'll randomly draw the free fabric recipient and then post who it is here (said person will also get an email notification).  

This means those in a different time zone won't be at a disadvantage and the results will be known to all by Tuesday.  It's only open from Friday until the following Monday at 11:59pm EST, so don't wait!

KEY INFO: The fabric will cost nothing, but I will need the shipping cost to be paid by the recipient via PayPal within 24hrs of notification.  This cotton bundle is 12 ounces total.  I'll ship it USPS to keep it as cheap as possible and only require the actual postage cost. My handling time and packaging will also be free:) Currently this is limited to US residents only.  

 Now, let's get to it!


  1. The colors in this fabrics match a lot of the colors in my stash, so it would be partnered with my fabrics to make zippered pouches and some placemats for summer dining!

  2. I would love to make a new purse or diaper bag with this beautiful fabric!

  3. I'd make some napkins with this cute patterned fabric!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I would like to make some type of bag with this beautiful fabric!

  6. Bright and cheery DR Placemats - I have the perfect solid to make reversible ones! Thanks for the opportunity

  7. I'm wanting to try those fabric bowl covers that you use for hot bowls. Think this would be cheerful!! Thanks.

  8. I think I would make the reusable snack sacks.


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