Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Making One Size Cloth Diapers & My Newborn Sizing Hack

Little by little I'm starting to make things again now that life is settling down and my daughter's feeling better.  Even though I've got a long list of various projects I want to tackle, I'm starting with stuff I need for the baby since our new arrival is just a few weeks away.  I've only just gotten started on getting all the things we need together so prioritizing that is key.

One of my big must-haves is diapers.  This will be my 3rd cloth diapered babe (I didn't even realize it was an option for my first).  Despite that, I'm starting my diaper stash from scratch this go round.  It's been close to 6 yrs since my youngest child was in diapers!  

I dusted off a pattern I'd used back then and so far have made these cuties:

Even though it had been ages since I'd made cloth diapers, it was easy to get back in the saddle.  I used a diaper PUL panel called Bee My Little Honey (bought from Diaper Sewing Supplies/Sahara Fabrics) to make this one:

For this diaper I used a panel called Little Lion Big Hug (also from DSS/Sahara Fabrics):

I love how both have cute large design backs.  Adorable baby bums are a must!

I used the NykiBaby One Size Pocket Diaper Pattern to make them all.  This pattern's design is one of my favorites.  It fits 8-40lbs.  It's a simple-to-follow PDF pattern and offers both pocket & fitted styles.  The finished results are just as good as store-bought cloth diaper brands I've used over the years, since there's a 2 setting adjustable rise and loads of snaps to get the right waist fit:

My third diaper is a variation of the pattern that will fit a brand new newborn (closer to 5lbs) and still fit up to about 15lbs...maybe even more:

I also added a snap down feature in the front like other newborn diapers have to dip the top down while the umbilical cord heals:

I decided to make a newborn hack version when I found the last piece of this Woodland Gnome print PUL I had left in my stash was too short to use the pattern in its normal full one size:

I tweaked it to work as a newborn-15lb version by folding the full length, longest, snap rise up so that I only kept the smaller rise adjusting snap settings:

I followed all the pattern directions like normal, except I made the back wrap-to-front closure wings slightly narrower and added my own center snap settings slightly above and below the main front rows to create the umbilical cord snap-down feature:

Years ago I invested in a snap press and it's been a worthwhile investment.  I've used it to make loads of diapers, training pants, on clothing, bags and all sorts of other stuff.

It's been way easier to use than pliers or setting tools, which is key when you have lots of snaps to set like on these diapers.  

I also always use plastic clothespin to hold my micro fleece lining and PUL together while I sew to keep from having any pinholes, then dry the finished diapers in the dryer on high to seal up the stitching holes.

Here's how my newborn version compares to a store bought newborn-15lbs diaper:

Here's how my newborn version compares to the same OS pattern, unadjusted, at the smallest snapped-up sizes:

And with both fully opened at the maximum size settings:

I still want to make a few more, but I'm excited to have some that'll fit baby right away and some that will last through to toddler time, when I'll need to switch to making some training pants.  Luckily, I've got a pattern for those too (which is my own Sanity Saving Training Pants Pattern) and have a gnome-y pair already waiting:

And a matching wet bag to make a full gnome-themed set too:)  It's nice to finally be feeling the baby-stuff making vibe!


  1. The diaper is adorable. Even though my daughter hasn't made up her mind about using cloth diapers, yet, it's nice to show her options. I would love to whip up a batch for her first baby due in June.

  2. Really cute! Major projects, but the cute butts are totally worth it.


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