Friday, July 19, 2013

Things to Do With Candylights from Sugar Pink Boutique

Want everyone to ooh and ahhh at your next party?  Give a room a special feel without lots of work or expense?  Or just add some extra pizzazz to a project?  Then check out these Candylights!

What are Candylights?  Lovely light strands that are hand-dipped in colorful, frosting-like silicone.  The effect is much more striking than plain twinkle lights.  They make everything look sweeter and slightly magical.  Use them for decorating wreaths, mantels, girls' rooms, shelves - anywhere you want!  And they are ideal for parties.  I get mine over at Sugar Pink Boutique:)

And they're the perfect decoration for special occasions like:

- Birthdays
- Showers
- Weddings
- Tea & Garden Parties
- Holidays

These lights are beyond eye-catching and they make a really unique party accent.  Drape it like a bunting or as a table swag or place around a doorway.  Check out the Carnival strand's gorgeous colors:

The Surf 'n Sand colorway would be ideal decoration for a beach party hung in some driftwood or around some baby equipment for boy's baby shower:

I've got this Bubble Gum Pink strand and love using it in the spring or for a girly party.  It looks really pretty inside a glass vase with silk flowers or snaked around platters & vases on a table.  At 12 feet long, you have a lot of decorating options.

Or go for a rainbow of sorbet colors with the Spring Pastel & wrap around a pole or sign:

There are also single 5 & 7 Watt bulbs available like these in Tinsel Glitter Blueberry Slush. I use my single bulb in a nightlight in my kitchen, but you could put several together to make the ultimate candelabra or chandelier:

Or go for more of a "sweet" version with the Melon Ball Sugar Coated Bulb:

So much more interesting than the same old boring bulbs.  Is it crazy I want to take a bite of the Bubble Gum Pink Swirly Bulb?  

There are seasonal & holiday themed colorways too, so Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas can look lovely year after year.  There are even custom team colored lights and couple of scented strands!   Lots of options no matter what theme you have in mind.

And the best part is these lights can have a lot more life than just for one occasion.  The perfect party supply!  I'll keep you posted on my party plans and how I'll be using my lights. To see all the Candylight color & style options available, just head over to Sugar Pink Boutique and have fun dreaming up your next special day decorations!

This is a sponsored post, for which I received compensation.  The opinions are completely my own, based on my honest experience with the items referenced and items I have purchased myself from this sponsor.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!! Thank you so much Cheryl for the beautiful feature on the Candylights! Have a blessed week! Hugs, Jennifer

  2. Oh my gosh! These lights are to die for!

    1. They really are fabulous - looking forward to getting my fall strand out:)


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