Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Now I'm Sew Hip!

Have you heard of Sew Hip Magazine?  It's the UK's #1 Sewing Magazine.  And guess what - I'm now a featured contributor!  Here are some peaks at my first article for your viewing pleasure.

I created these Hedgehog Critter Mittens especially for the magazine and will be doing more fun children's items in the coming months.  Lots of goodies are in the works & I will show them when those issues come out!

Want to get your hands on a copy & make some of these little guys yourself?  Sew Hip does international subscriptions here.  And you can also get downloadable pdf copies for a great price via Yudu instantly - including single and back issues.  Just click here to check them out.  You can also follow them on Twitter for the latest Sew Hip news.

When I first discovered Sew Hip, I felt like it was my dream sewing magazine - hip projects, great book/pattern reviews, cool features, interviews and awesome sources for sewing goodies.  To top that off, every issue comes with pull out patterns for the projects that have step by step instructions and illustrations, so you can make everything easily instead of trying to guess from a paragraph or two of text and a single photo (like some other magazines I've seen).   

And there are projects for every sewing level, so even a beginner can enjoy it.  What's not to love?  I was already a huge fan, so now writing for it is just icing on the crafty cake!


  1. Thats fab! I already subscribe and saw these but didnt realise it was you that had done them. Well done!!

  2. Holy Mackerel! That's amazing Cheryl! I knew something like this was in your future (or present now!). I'll have to check out that mag now that you are in it and all! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! What an exciting thing.

  4. wow.. Cheryl.. this is amazing.. :)

  5. How awesome for you! Congratulations!

  6. congratulations Cheryl, that's ace :o)

  7. Congratulations Cheryl! This is wonderful news!

  8. I love Sew Hip, well done for being featured! I got the latest issue from my mum last week. I might have to go and buy the old issue as the hedgehog mittens lovely!


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