Thursday, May 20, 2010

Calling All Crafters!!

Ok everybody, CraftShare will start June 1st! So get ready to check out new crafting materials, fun projects & share your own great ideas. Here are the upcoming themes:

June 1-19th
Unusual Fabric Products (laminated cotton, InsulBright, recycled bottle fabric, Texture Magic)

June 20th-July 3nd
Cake & Cookie Decorating (modeling chocolate, cake carving, fondant)
Tasty Treats (hard candies, chocolates, misc. sweets)

July 5th-31st
Specialty Crafting (chalkboard, magnet, felt, liquid starch)
Die Cut Crafts (using tools like punches, Cricut, Cuttlebug, Sizzix, Slice, etc.)

Our first week will start off with the super versatile fabric: Laminated Cotton.  I've got a bunch of creations & tips for using this fab fabric and would love to know what projects & techniques others have tried.  The CraftShare photo pool is ready to start showcasing everyone's laminated cotton crafts as well.

I'm also still looking for anyone interested in guest posting or sharing a project on any of themes (especially Tasty Treats & Die Cut Crafts), so now's your chance to share your work with more craft lovers & expand your blog audience.  Drop me a line on what you'd like to include & get yourself added to the lineup!  

And even if you don't have a project to showcase, being a reader counts too!  You can help spread the word & show your participation by adding the CraftShare button:

New Look Button

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  1. I'd love to help on a tasty treat post! I have a few ideas I haven't yet posted on my blog, but I also have some yummy stuff on my blog too!

  2. HI! I am here from Follow Friday! great post, I might participate too. Stop by my blog and maybe we can come up with something I can help with!

  3. sounds fun!

    join me for SHOE REVAMP WEEK 4/24-28

  4. Looks like I need to get my game on here! Following you now from find a friend friday and hope you do the same:) I have the same background funny it looks different though because of our headers...I love what you did.

  5. Hi Cheryl. I've awarded you a special blog award :) You can pick it up here


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