Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hip Styles For Baby

We found out our baby-on-the-way is a girl, which was a real surprise to me being a mom to just boys for so long. I'd always felt like there were tons of choices in little girl clothing & not much for boys, so that forced me to get inventive with making things for my little guys. So a few weeks ago when I started looking I was disappointed at the surprising lack of choice for girls. Suddenly everything girly looked the same - either pink overload or teenager-in-training, neither of which I'm crazy about. The few things I liked were from the neutral/boys section, so I decided to get inventive with my own "girly" styles.

Using my fave layette pattern set and the amazing baby accessory book, Sweet Booties, I came up with these stretch knit items: a fun dress that's feminine, but not fussy and this vine romper & bootie set.

Both outfits are lap shouldered and the romper has a snap open leg area for easy diaper changes. I just loved how these prints stand out from the usual stuff, but still look cute for a little girl. The booties were so fun to make. This is the fab "won't kick off" style and are fleece lined. I shrunk down the pattern so these would be real newborn size to match the romper - they are only 3 inches long!


  1. YAY!!!

    Congratulations on the girl! That's so fun!! D and E will be great older brothers to her I'm sure(:

    Congrats on making the top ten too! I thought you might be excited about that too. I was going to email everyone to let them know, but you know how it is...I just get lazy with my time. Seems like the blog is taking too much of it lately.

    Anyway, good times. Love your little items -- I really have to get moving on baby clothes now that spring tops are over.

  2. Thanks so much on both counts! As you know already, the options for all kinds of stuff are dramatically increased adding a girl to the mix, so it's becoming a lot of fun already.

    I honestly was amazed & honored to make it to the top ten. I didn't tell anyone I knew about it and haven't been sewing for very long so it was incredible to be chosen by so many experienced sewing people!


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